Bath Salt 140g

Bath Salt 140g

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Bath salt  140g

The Goldbad bath salt is the best way to relay after astressful day of complete exhaustion. The sea salt, as well as the crystal salt, reveals their soothing effects in the bathtub, the whirlpool, as apeeling scrub in the shower or as sauna salt in the sauna. 

Together with the used oil and scent combinations they let you dive into a dream of holistic wellness. The Relax Bath Salt relaxes the muscles and boosts a weary body. It pulls you out of sombre thoughts, lifts the skin and fills mind and soul with new dynamicity. Or.. you just dive into total relaxation at night as a preparation for a restful night. 

Salt is the source of beauty and wellness. 

The precious flacon in its design of its own is mouth-blown and glided by hand. A true chef d'oeuvre of glass and cosmetics. 

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